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Untitled X

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 8:35 AM
" Cine te va dezvalui ochilor lor? Moartea. 1886 "

#iuliahasdeu #hasdeu

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 12:39 AM
Welcome to Pripyat by MacRebisz
Radiation Hazard by zompi
Prypiat - Dead City by Lightmotiv
energetic by museunderdrugs
Hotel View by Lightmotiv
radio sky by museunderdrugs
look outside your window by Rahaniel
School by Lightmotiv
inside by museunderdrugs
Forth by museunderdrugs
Gasmask room 2 by kczernik…

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Untitled IX

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2015, 11:01 AM
Untitled by IskaeldtTime is like a clock in my heart. by Iskaeldt
OMEGA by IskaeldtDrippy Drop by Iskaeldt
Transpire - I Did Not Matter Anyway by IskaeldtIschariot by Iskaeldt
Insjunken - Follow the Wind by IskaeldtScream by Iskaeldt
Kerkergeist by Iskaeldt
Abendrot by Iskaeldt
Persephone by IskaeldtKate Nest by Iskaeldt
Soft and Stronger by IskaeldtIch habe es gesehen. by Iskaeldt
Help by IskaeldtID by Iskaeldt
Drinking Songs by IskaeldtLenzmond by Iskaeldt
Barnadoed by Iskaeldt

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Untitled VIII

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 14, 2015, 11:49 AM
in and out by solosombrathe sun peeking through by solosombrafrozen temptations by solosombra
stationbuds by solosombraout of focus by solosombrathe smart one of the family by solosombraoutstanding blue star (squill) by solosombra
entangled by solosombrafrostengravings by solosombrabecoming blue stars (squills) by solosombra
when time fades by solosombrablind time by solosombrasun or shade by solosombra
five fingers and  a thread by solosombrawhite and blue by solosombralight by solosombraa breeze of light by solosombra
blinded blue stars (squills) by solosombrareaching out by solosombraof glasses and blossoms i by solosombra

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Untitled VII

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 2:30 AM
dead end by ohlin84Gebrechlichkeit by ohlin84how time flies by ohlin84
a thin shell by ohlin84neue erinnerung by ohlin84Kalte Tage by ohlin84
mourn XV by ohlin84tomorrow never knows by ohlin84you've come a long way (to find emptiness) by ohlin84
kostnice ix by ohlin84vigil by ohlin84not saved by ohlin84
mourn xxii by ohlin84Sunset II by ohlin84mourn VIII by ohlin84
mourn VII by ohlin84Welkes Blatt II by ohlin84Kostnice vi by ohlin84
mourn III by ohlin84winter taught me silence by ohlin84Wege by ohlin84
funebre ii by ohlin84we are the dead by ohlin84kristall by ohlin84
kostnice x by ohlin84hoest ii by ohlin84Kinderstube by ohlin84
rebirth II by ohlin84excerpts of silence III by ohlin84Souvenirs dun autre monde IV by ohlin84

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Untitled VI

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2015, 10:53 AM
Blinded by scheinbarblue marbles by scheinbarFlaschenladen by scheinbarLife Is Just A Dream by scheinbaran indifferent view by scheinbarmade out of your phantasy by scheinbardurchdrungen by scheinbarunderwater by scheinbarA Red Cube by scheinbarDer Mond ist aufgegangen by scheinbarMade For Walking by scheinbargreen wins by scheinbarmirrored by scheinbarFading Memories by scheinbar920 by scheinbarYouare Not Alone by scheinbarWarten auf Godot by scheinbartuer.kissss by scheinbarLost in the Greyness by scheinbarDis-appear-ed by scheinbaranother spot by scheinbardifferent by scheinbarI'm never been here by scheinbarspider song by scheinbarshadow play by scheinbarout of the frame by scheinbarmy own cathedral by scheinbarQuadratur by scheinbarthe reality of shadows by scheinbarThe Hope Of Our Trees by scheinbarartificial plantation by scheinbara frozen smile by scheinbartoo much identity by scheinbara fading memory by scheinbarTo be Another by scheinbarberlin by scheinbarFor Marta by scheinbarOrpheus DID it by scheinbarRio Macin by scheinbarforced happiness by scheinbarUnder Construction by scheinbardedicated to the smoke by scheinbar


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Untitled V

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 9:12 AM
Untitled by thergothonOf Lightnings and a Rose by thergothon
And the Curtain Came Down... by thergothonDreaming with the Dead I by thergothonIncorporeal Pervasion by thergothon
City of Ghosts I by thergothonBehind the Corner by thergothon
Dusk by thergothonUntitled by thergothonWhich floor do you live on? by thergothonGolden Age of Decadence by thergothonLost Little Girl by thergothonOnly Light Can Pass by thergothonWithered Dreams by thergothonFertilisation by thergothon
Desecrate by thergothonWhat a delicious brain you had! by thergothon
Untitled by thergothonPortal to the Past by thergothon
Broken Mirror by thergothonUntitled by thergothonThe Myth of the Cosmic Order by thergothonCrowded by thergothonEmerald Eyes by thergothonGuarding the Dead by thergothon
Dead Tree by thergothon
Moonscape by thergothonLandscape in Silver and Red I by thergothon
Mt. Paper by thergothonDominion of Light by thergothonNests by thergothonBroken Mirror by thergothon
Revelation in Gold by thergothonThe Red Gate by thergothon
Deep Wound by thergothonBreakout by thergothonIn My Garden I by thergothonIn My Garden II by thergothon
The Path by thergothonAngel of Death by thergothon
Untitled by thergothonThe Plague by thergothon
Gate of Death by thergothonUntitled by thergothonRedemption by thergothonSelf-doubt by thergothon
Malformed Tightrope Walker by thergothonThe Miracle by thergothon

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vigil II by ohlin84    children of the sun ii by ohlin84
hoest by ohlin84

lights and shades ii by ohlin84
mourn VI by ohlin84

withering beauty by ohlin84
mourn xxii by ohlin84
endlos by ohlin84
Stille by ohlin84funebre ii by ohlin84
rebirth III by ohlin84
Welkes Blatt II by ohlin84
Souvenirs dun autre monde VII by ohlin84
Clematis by ohlin84
Halle der Erwartung I by ohlin84  
Fetzen von Licht by ohlin84
Lichtspiele by ohlin84
Eichenlaub by ohlin84
III by ohlin84
Ostsee by ohlin84
Zerfall by ohlin84
Begegnungen by ohlin84
Walhalla by ohlin84
Saeulen by ohlin84
Farbenspiel by ohlin84
kristall by ohlin84
Souvenirs dun autre monde II by ohlin84Kinderstube by ohlin84
Souvenirs dun autre monde III by ohlin84
vigil by ohlin84
The seventh angel by Waldeck

          Cold Loving Fallen Angel by WaldeckEternal Warrior by Waldeck

           with fear i kiss the burning darkness by Waldeck
Unschuldsengel by Waldeck  The Mothmans Promise by WaldeckDemon Queen Of The Underworld by WaldeckForbidden Fruit Of Love by Waldeck

Fruits Of The Snake by WaldeckNanobot Timestation by Waldeck
System Hacker ID by WaldeckAmbassador of the third way by Waldeck

the blood of my lady by WaldeckDie eisige Morra im Nebel by Waldeck
      Kingdom Of Shadowmist by WaldeckNight Forest - Nachtwald by Waldeck

    Fairytale Mirror by WaldeckBlack Tears by Waldeck
Sexual Obsession Of Religion by Waldeck
    Zwischen Atemzuegen Die Ewigkeit - Poesiealbum by Waldeckwhere sad girls fly away by Waldeck